Welcome to Canadian Commodity Trading DMCC
In a world where technology is shrinking markets by making distances irrelevant, global trading becomes more sophisticated than ever before. Trading in a technologically driven globalized environment requires the ability to understand rapidly changing business variables and the agility to make swift decisions to benefit from these changes.
You need the guidance of a seasoned, knowledgeable and skilled expert. Canadian Commodity Trading DMCC is a global trading company based in Dubai, UAE with head office in Toronto, Canada.
With many years experience in global trading, we have built up an enviable record of accomplishment in agri and health products and all commodities exported from Canada.
  • Agri products: Wheat, Barley, Maize, Beans, Lentils, Oilseeds, Canola, Soybeans.
    We have a long-standing reputation within the international trading community and have a strong presence in many foreign markets. As commercial intermediaries, we specialize in the long-term development of trade and focus on exporting, importing and third country trading. 
  • Human and Animal Health Products : Medicines and Supplements,  Pharma Excipients and APIs,  Food and Cosmetic Ingredients

Canadian Commodity Trading DMCC has:
  • The knowledge to work in many global markets.
  • The understanding of business environment in emerging markets
  • The organizational infrastructure and procurement networks to service suppliers and customers
1. Agri Proucts   2. Human  Health    3. veterinary health